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Antique Wood Flooring

FSC Certified Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring

Antique Lumber & Millwork

Antique Timber & Beams

Barnwood & Reclaimed Wood Siding

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Antique & Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Antique BarnPlank AgedSawn
Antique BarnPlank PatinaDeep
Antique BarrnPlank Scar'dFace
Antique Chestnut Scar'dFace
Antique Douglas Fir Scar'dFace
Antique HeartPine ExposedGrain
Antique HeartPine PatinaDeep
Antique HeartPine Scar'dFace
Antique Hickory Scar'dFace
Antique Hickory Scar'dFace Engineered
Antique SYP Scar'dFace
Antique ThresherPlank Scar'dFace
Antique Tobacco Beech Scar'dFace
Antique Tobacco Oak AgedSawn
Antique Tobacco Oak ExposedGrain
Antique Tobacco Oak PatinaDeep
Ant Tob Oak PatinaDeep Engineered
Antique Tobacco Oak Scar'dFace
Antique Trailblazer Scar'dFace
Antique Trestlewood II Scar'dFace
Antique Walnut Scar'dFace
Antique Warehouse Maple
Antique White Oak Scar'dFace
Reclaimed Fir Picklewood Scar'dFace
Reclaimed Fir VatBase Scar'dFace
Reclaimed Greenheart Scar'dFace
Rec Mushroom Cypress Scar'dFace
Rec Mushroom Hemlock AgedSawn
Rec Mushroom Hemlock PatinaDeep

FSC Certified Wood Flooring

Beech ClarionChoice
Cherry ClarionChoice
Cherry FullSawn
Cherry NaturalDraft
Eucalyptus ClarionChoice
Hickory ClarionChoice
Hickory FullSawn
Hickory NaturalDraft
Maple ClarionChoice
Maple NaturalDraft
Red Oak ClarionChoice
Walnut ClarionChoice
Walnut FullSawn
Walnut NaturalDraft
White Oak ClarionChoice
White Oak FullSawn
White Oak NaturalDraft

Antique Wood Siding

Antique Brown Barnwood
Antique Buckskin Barnwood
Antique Douglas Fir Siding
Antique Gray Barnwood
Antique Hand-Hewn Siding
Antique Redwood Siding
Antique Smooth Brown Barnwood
Antique Trestlewood II Siding
Antique Weathered Timber Siding
Ant Weathered Trestlewood II Siding
Reclaimed Cedar
Reclaimed Mushroom Wood Siding
Reclaimed Picklewood Siding
Salvaged Coverboard Siding

Antique Wood Timbers

Antique Douglas Fir Timbers
Antique Hand-Hewn Timbers
Antique Oak Timbers
Antique Trestlewood II Timbers
Antique Weathered Timbers
Antique Trestlewood II Weathered
Salvaged Douglas Fir Timbers
Salvaged Habor Fir Timbers

Antique Millwork

Antique Douglas Fir Lumber
Antique Redwood Lumber
Antique Tresltewood II Lumber
Antique Heart Pine Lumber


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100% Recycled Wood ---Forest Stewardship Alliance FSC Certified Wood--- Rain Forest Alliance Certified
SW-COC-002800 FSC Certification ensures responsible use of forest resources
®1996 Forest Stewardwhip Council A.C.

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