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Antique Douglas Fir Timber----Antique Douglas Fir Timber----Antique Douglas Fir Timber

Antique Douglas Fir Timber----Antique Hand Hewn Timber----Antique Douglas Fir Timber

Antique Douglas Fir Timber-----Barn Wood Flooring-----Barn Wood Flooring

Barn Wood Flooring-----Barn Wood Flooring-----Antique Douglas Fir Timber

Antique Hand Hewn Timber-----Antique Trestlewood II Weathered Timber-----Antique Trestlewood II Timber

Antique Douglas Fir Timber -----Antique Trestlewood II Timber-----Antique Trestlewood II Timber

Antique Trestlewood II Timber-----Antique Trestlewood II Timber-----Antique Douglas Fir Timber


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Wood Timbers & Beams

wood timbers reclaimed from barns, warehouses, factories and bridges are one of the coolest materials with which you can build; they will add character and age to your design, or you may need them for their inherent stability allowing you to assemble intricate designs that could not be achieved otherwise

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we draw from two concentration yards with over 20 acres covered with timbers, so you know the timbers are on hand when you place the order; we encourage you to visit these yards and pick out the type of timbers you like, and select a few of the more important timbers yourself; often we have seen homeowners and architects find something much better than what they had imagined for their project that, in the end, the final design and structure were far superior to their original design; contact Kyle to set up a personal tour; most out of towners could be into the Salt Lake airport in the morning and out late that night

Sustainable Wood

ultimately, sustainability lies in how a product is used and disposed; starting with wood which has had a FirstUse is a good start; some of these timbers were put into use as much as 200 years ago, and, under the right circumstances, they could last another 200 years.

Certified Green

all of our Antique timbers qualify for points in the US Green Building Council's LEED Certification program; many of these products can also be Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified qualifying for additional points in the LEED program


many of these timber options can be graded for structural use; call for more details on which products & the limitations

Antique Douglas Fir Timber

Antique Trestlewood II Timber

Westhered Trestlewood II Timber

Antique Oak Timber

Antique Hand Hewn Timber

Antique Weathered Timber

Salvaged Harbor Fir Timber

Salvaged Douglas Fir Timber

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