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Brown Barn Wood Siding
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Board to Board Siding Application

board to board siding application is the most common original application we see, and therefore, very authentic; boards are simply attached side by side either vertically or horizontally; just about any of our siding proudcts can be installed this way, but the appearance and design can vary widely; boards with lots of color variation from board to board can be used or product can be selected to have as little color variation from one board to another; random width boards can be used or boards of all the same width or a repeating pattern of sizes; vertical and horizontal applications can be mixed-for example vertical above and below window and doors with horizontal in between or vertical on body and horizontal on the gables etc, etc; in short, board on board applications can be designed in too many ways to mention and allow an architect, designer or craftsman much flexibility to create a unique look with a basic product

pictured: Antique BarnStyle Smooth Brown Siding board to board in random width and vertical application


Common Siding Applications

board & bat
board on board
board to board

additional Antique and Salvaged Wood Siding

Antique Brown BarnWood

Antique Gray BarnWood

Antique Douglas Fir Siding

Antique Redwood Siding

Reclaimed Picklewood Siding

Antique Buckskin BarnWood

Antique Smooth Brown BarnWood

Antique Hand Hewn Siding

Antique Trestlewood II Circle-Sawn

Antique Trestlewood II Weathered

Salvaged Coverboard Siding

Reclaimed MushroomWood Siding

Antique Weathered Timber Siding

Reclaimed Cedar

Barn Wood Siding... Crafted to Inspire
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