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Reclaimed Fir Flooring
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Reclaimed Fir Flooring- Reclaimed Fir Flooring- Reclaimed Fir Flooring- Reclaimed Fir Flooring -Reclaimed  Fir Flooring- Reclaimed Fir Flooring

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Reclaimed Fir VatBase Scar'dFace™ Flooring

wooden pickle and wine vats were constructed of two to three inch thick staves and planks; this wood was premium stock, with no knots and tight grain as, of course, the vat needed to be water tight; the base of these vats was always submerged in liquid leaving more consistent mineral deposits; while the color varies significantly, the minerals tend to darken the  boards, and the overall appearance of a Fir VatBase Floor is that of a deep, warm brown; additional character is found in deep checking of some of the boards; when these boards are combined with cleaner boards a nice combination of rustic elements converge with a very refined look, to create a floor that can anchor rustic or refined designs

specie :: primarily Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)
grade :: Scar'dFace
source: :: antique 100% recycled usually pickle vats
US Green Building Council LEED® Points :: MR 4
hardness :: janka hardness rating: 710
character rating :: our character rating:
5.9 (rustic elements)

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Solid Wood Flooring

FSC Certification :: available as FSC Recycled
millwork :: ¾” thick, tongue & groove edges, squared ends
widths :: 3” to 7” milled to the full inch wide with custom sizes available
lengths :: up to 10'; with an average length of about 6'; minimum 2'
face :: planed smooth
prefinished :: custom only

Engineered Wood Flooring

curently unavailable

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additional Antique, FreshCut & FSC Certified Flooring

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ClarionChoice (clear)
NaturalDraft (character)
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ExposedGrain (character)
Scar'dFace (lots of character)
PatinaDeep (rustic & texture)
AgedSawn (rugged)
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