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Reclaimed Fir Flooring
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Reclaimed Fir Flooring- Reclaimed Fir Flooring- Reclaimed Fir Flooring -Reclaimed Fir Flooring- Reclaimed Fir Flooring

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Reclaimed Fir Picklewood Scar'dFace™ Flooring

wooden pickle and wine vats were constructed of two to three inch thick staves and planks; this wood was premium stock, with no knots and tight grain as, of course, the vat needed to be water tight; the staves of these vats were regularly submersed in the pickle brine saturating the wood with additional minerals in random fashion, and changing the color to be far more varied than what the original wood showed; most often the color ranges from tan to dark brown to black with some red mixed in; additional character is seen in some surface checking with the darker colors penetrating the checks; this is a great floor when the feel needs to be a bit refined, but some character is desired

specie :: primarily Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)
grade :: Scar'dFace
source: :: antique 100% recycled usually pickle vats
US Green Building Council LEED® Points :: MR 4
hardness :: janka hardness rating: 710
character rating :: our character rating:
6.1 (rustic elements)


Solid Wood Flooring

FSC Certification :: available as FSC Recycled
millwork :: ¾” thick, tongue & groove edges, squared ends
widths :: 3” to 7” milled to the full inch wide with custom sizes available
lengths :: up to 10'; with an average length of about 6'; minimum 2'
face :: planed smooth
prefinished :: custom only

Engineered Wood Flooring

curently unavailable

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additional Antique, FreshCut & FSC Certified Flooring

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Hardwood mix
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ClarionChoice (clear)
NaturalDraft (character)
FullSawn (character & texture)
ExposedGrain (character)
Scar'dFace (lots of character)
PatinaDeep (rustic & texture)
AgedSawn (rugged)
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